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industrial fasteners manufacturers, automotive fasteners manufacturers, industrial fasteners exporters, automotive fasteners exporters



SEMCO INDIA is ISO 9001:2000 AND URS:14001 Certified company.
SEMCO INDIA has achieved a remarkable position as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of  marine, container lashing  and other hardware items. 


Semco SealProfile :
With an experience of over 25 Years, Systems & Equipment is into manufacture and supply of quality Industrial and Engineering Goods/ Items including quality steel Castings , Forgings, and components requiring Machining / Assembly/ Sub-assembly/ Fabrication and/or Welding etc. A technically competent & ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Systems & Equipment leverages its heavy industry experience to bring to its customers the highest quality products.

SEMCO's distinction as a top-of-the-line manufacturer rests on three factors: cost, quality & timing. With our experience in engineering and quality control, we ensure best product at highly competitive prices. In addition to our own quality control procedures, we arrange third party international inspections through companies such as ABS, SGS,BV and Lloyd's subject to our client's need of certification.

Our team comprises of highly competent, experienced, qualified engineers and International trade professionals having rich experience in their area of operation.

Our Area Of Activities :-
  • Railway Products Division
  • Casting & Forging Division
  • International Trading Division
Our Products
  • Castings
    • Steel Castings, Grey Iron castings, Ductile iron/S.G. Iron castings
  • Forgings
    • Drop forging (hammer-forgings): Weighing from 50 grams to 100 Kg. Upset forging with a shaft Dia. - 125 mm. Max. We can do forgings in all grades of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Fabricated Components
  • Fabricated Heavy Structural and Sheet Metal Parts
    • Tanks/Frames
  • Resistance/Butt Welded Components
    Flash Butt Welding facilities to weld carbon and alloy steel up to 50 mm Diameter, Qualified Welders by Lloyds Register for MIG welding
  • CNC Machined Components
  • Assemblies/Sub-Assemblies consisting of various products
  • Container Lashing Products
    • We specialize in Container Lashing and securing Products use to fasten and secure containers and other items on the ship. Some of our regular products are:

      Loose Cargo Securing Fittings

      • Lashing Bar / Lashing rods
      In standard sizes of 2400 / 2500 mm and 4650 to 5120 mm.
      MBL : 36 ton and MBL 50 Ton
      Any combination of Eye, Knot Bar, Fixed Head, Universal Swivel Head, Moving Swivel.
      Common types:-
      Eye- Eye
      Eye- Locking device / Plug Hook / Fixed Head
      Eye- Hook
      Forged Knot Bar /Knot / Stops – Swivel Head
      Forged Knot Bar /Knot / Stops – Eye
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Alloy Steel Bars
      • Turnbuckles
      Required Minimum and Maximum opening distance.
      MBL : 36 Ton and MBL 50 ton
      Any combination of Stopper for Knot of Lashing bar, Eye, Hook and Jaw.
      Common Types:-
      Jaw – Stopper / No Slide for Knots of Lashing bars
      Hook – Stopper / No slide for Knots of Lashing bar
      Jaw and Jaw
      Jaw and hook
      Hook and Hook
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Steel Body.
      • Tension Levers
      MBL 20 tons
      For use with 13mm Lashing chains, with or without three links and climning hook.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and Standard Chain / Chain Links.
      MBL 10 ton, 15 Ton and 20 ton for 9mm, 11mm  and 13mm Lashing Chains respectively.
      These hooks are very easy to install and comes with pin installed to easily putting them as per use.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and Stainless Steel Pin.
      • Elephant Foot
      MBL 20 tons
      Eye / Clevies Type
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings
      • Double Stackers
      Double Stackers / Anti Rack Spacer Hold with special designs.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Steel Forged Fittings made same as of Ship Construction steel to enable proper welding
      • Stacking Cones / Stackers
      Single or Bottom Stacking Cone.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Steel Forged made same as of Ship Construction steel to take the desired loads with high impact strengths.
      Manual Twist Lock
      With Right / Left Locking
      •  Extension Bar / Extention Rod
      For use in between Lashing bars and Turnbuckles
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Alloy Steel Bars
      • Bridge fitting
      Bridgefitting / Tension Long Link in Length of 280 mm with breaking Loads of 5 ton and 10 tons.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Steel Bars
      Fixed Cargo Securing Fittings
      • Foundations
      ISO Raised Foundation- Double, Single, Transversal, Longitudinal, Quadruple in desired heights and combinations available.
      Standard Sizes : 150 x 150, 160 x 160, 170 x 170
      MBL : 50 Tons
      Material :-
      High Tensile Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Steel Body.
      • D-Rings/ Lashing Eyes
      MBL 36 Ton and 50 Ton with forged Strap for single or double fixing.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Alloy Steel Forged Fittings and High Tensile Steel Straps.
      Steel Straps made same as of Ship Construction steel to enable proper welding
      • Lashing Plates
      Lashing eyes / Plate is Single or Double Models with MBL of 50 Tons.
      Material :-
      High Tensile Steel Forged Fittings made same as of Ship Construction steel to enable proper welding.
      We specialize in assemblies / sub assemblies consisting of forging, casting, sheet metal, fabrication, welding, machining jobs.
      • Lashing/ Lifting / Container /Special Hooks
      Special application hooks in various types as per specific requirements is our speciality.
      • Welded constructions etc
      Any welded construction for use on Board as per special customer requirements are possible with Ship Building Steel and Lloyds Approved Welders.
      We can also undertake Repairs, Overhauling, Oiling, Greasing, Cleaning, Painting /  Hot Dip Galvanization and Proof Testing of your old fittings making them perfectly fit for use.
      We can supply the material in any surface condition as desired / required by the client.
      Most common types of finishes:-
      Natural or Black or Shot Blasted with Rust Preventive.
      Hampel Weldable Primer / Red Oxide
      Hot Dip Galvanization / Zinc Plating
      Powder coating / Painting
      Sub Contacting
      We specialize in manufacturing the products as per customer specialized drawings and details in customer branding.
      Class Approved Testing Facilities
      We have Class Approved In house Mechanical Testing Facilities for Testing Tensile Strength up to 1000 kN and Class Approved Test Bench to Test up to 6 Meter Long pieces up to 800 kN.
      We also have Impact Testing facilities for testing at -40 Degrees to + 50 Degree Temperature.


















































  • Railway Products
    • Railway Rolling Stock
    • Wheel & Axle sets



We have qualified welders as per DIN287 having Lloyd's Approval and facilities of Arc & MIG welding. All necessary facilities to test weld joints are available. We fabricate small sub-assemblies consisting of various products and big structures as per customer's drawing and designs. Our Flash Butt Welders can manufacture various components requiring flash butt-welded applications.
The quality we offer is as much an upshot of our commitment to it, as it is a result of the facilities available to us. Our entire range of products goes through stringent rounds of tests focusing on different aspects of them viz Hardness, Tensile, Yield, Elongation etc. Our quality is also an out come of our extensive manufacturing unit & a skilled and dedicated team of professionals.

Our Facilities
  • Heat treatment
    Hardness, Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Breaking load etc. are tested after giving proper heat treatment. Quenching, Tempering, Hardening and Normalizing are done to get the desired results as per customer's requirement.
  • Surface Finish
    We give different surface finishes like Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, Black Oxide, Hot Dip Galvanizing etc.
  • Testing Facilities
    We carry out Chemical / Mechanical Testing and Non-Destructive Testing by class approved test machines:
  • UTM 100 Tons Capacity for Tensile testing 
  • Impact Testing facilities up to -100C Systems and Equipments Maintenance Co.
  • Microscopes for macro & microstructures
  • Weld Test facilities as per DIN 287 Spectrometer for chemical analysis
  • Hardness Testing with Rockwell & Brinell Hardness tester
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Load Testing up to 1000 KN & up to 7.000 mm long

Before taking raw material for production, they are being tested for quality control measures by checking its authenticity, reliability and durability to reach perfection and minimize wastage.

Our Set Up
Our manufacturing units located in Punjab and Sahibabad are fully equipped with latest machineries like CNC turning and milling machines, thread rolling, copy turning, grinding, drilling and tapping machines, tool room machinery, and other allied machinery that incorporate a wide variety of innovative capabilities and considerable reduction of in-process time for machining of work pieces through high speed and high performance machining. We have our own in house testing facilities ensure that no defect is passed on to our customers.

Moreover, we have the expertise to offer technically superior quality products for all your standard or customized needs.

Client Communication
We request you to send us your inquiry for some of your present requirement of forgings/ castings products for supply as raw, unfinished or in semi finished machined conditions, for enabling us to submit you our techno-commercial offers. Worldwide references are available from existing clients on request.

Send an inquiry or Contact Us :
Contact Person : Ms. Nandita Gupta
Address : 38, Functional Industrial Estate, Patparganj,
Delhi-110092 (INDIA)
Phone :+(91)-(11)-22152200 / 22153300
Fax :+(91)-(11)-22156600 / 42141452
Other Websites:
Email : ;


CONTAINER LASHING :Lashing Bar / Lashing rods  || Turnbuckles  || Tension Levers  || C-Hooks  || Elephant Foot || Double Stackers || Stacking Cones/ stackers || Manual Twist Lock || Extension Bar/ Extension Rod || Bridge fitting || Foundations || D-Rings/ Lashing Eyes|| Lashing Plates|| Lashing/ Lifting / Container /Special Hooks || Welded constructions etc

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